100% Vegan


Made in Hawaii

Maui Organic's "Maui Waffle" Plant-Based Mix is made exclusively out of green banana flour, curated on the island of Maui with a mission to promote tropical flavors that taste good and feel good. 

Why Maui Organic?

Our motto is simple, eat good and feel good. Maui Organic products do just that  - our Vegan Waffle mix is a bread alternative that promotes a healthy and happy gut flora in a number of ways. Our mix is made exclusively out of green banana flour - abundant in in essential minerals & vitamins such as vitamin E, magnesium, zinc and potassium. In addition to this, our products promotes heart health, boosts low cholesterol + aids nerve and muscle activity. 


Take In The Good

  • Feeds Your Gut

  • Good For Your Mental Health

  • Reverse Strach

  • Undigestible Fiber

  • PREbiotic

  • Colon Health

Health Benefits
Dietary Benefits
  • Promotes jungle growth,

  • Sustainable Agriculture

  • Biodiversity of Plant Based Foods

  • Wild Harvested 

Earth Conscious

Not Your Average Waffle

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Maui Organic is a company dedicated to creating sustainable and organic products that benefit, treat, and heal body through plant medicine. If you're interested in having a Maui Waffle Demo Pop Up - we can make it happen. 


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